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The meeting rooms at Châteauform are called ‘Beweismittel’ (proof), ‘Gerechtigkeit’ (justice) and ‘Grundgesetz’ (Basic Law). That may sound odd to non-locals but Düsseldorf cognoscenti know why. This conference and event venue is housed in the former Amtsgericht courthouse where proof, justice and the Basic Law have always played a key role. Today the five-storey building has 18 conference rooms for two to 90 people over an area of 2,500 square metres. That ‘nothing but the truth’ continues to be said here is, of course, desirable but is no longer so seriously put to the test these days and, apart from the conference rooms, the hotel also has a number of salons and dining rooms which are suitable for informal meetings. The cocktail area for up to 150 people offers an enchanting view over the river Rhine.

  • Number of event rooms: 18
  • Number of persons in the largest room in row seating: 110
  • Distance to city center: 0.5 km
Room "Beweismittel", © Copyright/Châteauform’
Room "Prokura", © Copyright/Châteauform’
Dining room "Jurist", © Copyright/Châteauform’
Salon "Richterhammer", © Copyright/Châteauform’
Event area "Freispruch", © Copyright/Châteauform’
Salon "Talar" - informal meeting, © Copyright/Châteauform’
Room "BGB" with high tables, © Copyright/Châteauform’
Room "Landgericht"  - parlamentary, © Copyright/Châteauform’
Room "Tribunal" - round tables, © Copyright/Châteauform’

Ca­pa­cit­ies of the event rooms

Name of the roomSeating variationsDaylight
Theatre styleBanquet styleCocktail receptionParliament
Beweismittel754036 yes
Vergleich9511050 yes
Klausel28 yes
Immunität25 yes
Verhandlung25 yes
Prokura40 yes
Gerechtigkeit301512 yes
StGB301512 yes
Eid301512 yes
Grundgesetz301512 yes
Tribunal95903636 yes
BGB754026 yes
Amtsgericht422016 yes
Landgericht643624 yes
Arbeitsgericht959036 yes
Finanzgericht754026 yes
Patent1159050 yes
Freispruch178150 yes
Theatre styleBanquet styleCocktail receptionClassroom style

Loc­a­tion Fea­tures

  • Accessible
  • Free WLAN
  • Conference equipment
  • Total exhibition area: 2,500 m²

Ad­di­tion­al In­form­a­tion

- Seminar house

- Private dining rooms

- Own kitchen that leaves nothing to be desired

Loc­a­tion & Ac­cess­ib­il­ity

  • 7.8 km to Airport
  • 2.7 km to Central station
  • 0.5 km to City center
  • 4.7 km to Congress Center Düsseldorf/Messe Düsseldorf