New hall 1 - Major project of Messe Düsseldorf

April 1, 2019

Work is still ongoing on one of the most ambitious building projects in Messe Düsseldorf’s history, but one thing is certain: this huge construction site right beside the Rhine will soon be transformed not only into Düsseldorf Messe’s future showcase but also a new architectural highlight for the city. The transparent, 7,800-square-metre projecting roof of the new South Entrance towers 20 metres above the ground. Beneath it, visitors will be guided into the light-flooded 2,000-square-metre South Entrance foyer. This is a hall with lavish glass frontage that will serve not only as an entrance area but can also be used for receptions and events. This foyer leads directly to the new multipurpose Hall 1 which has an area of over 12,000 square metres. The first floor of the building houses six 200-square-metre conference rooms with wraparound glass, each of which seats 198 people. Great transparency and much atmospheric natural light are foreseen here too; in fact, one of the all-glass meeting rooms extends into the foyer, high above visitors’ heads. Included in the plans: thanks to this construction project, the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf – which is directly joined to Hall 1 by a passage – will also be given a makeover, expanding its capacity to 16,000 people. The topping-out took place in September 2018 and work is now advancing apace. Everything is due for completion this autumn.