The Rhenish way of life

Outgoing, tolerant and sociable: Düsseldorf is a magnet for free spirits and people who love life, for artists and creatives, for hedonists and culture fans. Your participants can chose from no fewer than eleven restaurants with Michelin stars, before immersing themselves in Rhenish night life in the Altstadt (Old Town) at what is known as the “longest bar in the world”. Simply enjoy a locally-brewed Altbier here with a local – and you’ll be chatting together in no time flat.

And if there is some time left before or after the event, there are other pleasures: a tour of the futuristic MedienHafen to see the iconic Gehry Buildings, or a luxury shopping trip to Königsallee where there is one big international fashion house after the next. Fashion has a longstanding tradition in Düsseldorf. Because those who enjoy going out, also enjoy looking smart.