CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf

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Only a few minutes by car from the city centre and the airport and in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition centre, the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf combines several locational advantages. However, it is not just the short distances that provide flexibility: Depending on the requirements, 41 event rooms and 17 exhibition halls can be included in the spatial planning. Almost every desired, individually tailored combination is conceivable - for international congresses, exhibitions, conventions, company events, community events or TV productions. The CCD Congress Centre Düsseldorf not only demonstrates its closeness to nature by its location on the Rhine, but also by means of its “Green Globe” seal, a globally recognised certification for sustainability in the travel and tourism industry. 

  • Number of event rooms: 41
  • Number of persons in the largest room in row seating: 10,000
  • Distance to city center: 4.0 km
Saal xy, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Exterior view, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
© Copypright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Raum 1, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Raum 01, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Wintergarden restaurant, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Raum 3, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Hall 3, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Foyer Stadthalle, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
Foyer CCD Süd, © Copyright/CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf

Ca­pa­cit­ies of the event rooms

Name of the roomSeating variationsDaylight
Theatre styleBanquet styleCocktail receptionParliament
Hall 1 (by 09/2019)12,02510,000 yes
Foyer Hall 1 (by 09/2019)2,1001,132 yes
Hall 320,2795,0003,5002,700 no
Room 011531499086 yes
Room 021571499080 yes
VIP-Apartment 16212 yes
Büro 130 yes
Büro 226 yes
Meeting Corner388 yes
Foyer CCD Süd2,350 yes
Foyer CCD Stadthalle (West)582 yes
Saal XY2,1652,0001,7361,364 yes
Saal X1,0801,022580572 yes
Saal Y1,080840620640 yes
Room 11,0591,028478 no
Room 2582676350380 yes
Room 3473501270270 yes
Room 41371298060 yes
Room 4 a, d3018208 yes
Room 4 b, c3926208 yes
Room 563554024 yes
Room 61411298066 yes
Room 71801489088 yes
Room 7 a, b89785042 yes
Room 81391299066 yes
Activity area Süd133 yes
Room 926221012 yes
Room 1040341018 yes
Room 1127221012 yes
VIP-Apartment 233 yes
Activity area Stadthalle (West)279 yes
Room 12121797058 yes
Room 13203148110108 yes
Wintergarden Restaurant1,225540 yes
Room 14198191112 yes
Room 14 a, b1009450 yes
979850 yes
Room 15198191112 yes
Room 15 a, b979850 yes
Room 16198199100 yes
1009450 yes
Room 16 a989840 yes
Room 16 b989850 yes
Room 17197199100 yes
Room 17 a989840 yes
Room 17 b989850 yes
Room 18197199100 yes
Room 18 a989840 yes
Room 18 b989850 yes
Room 19197199100 yes
Room 19 a989840 yes
Room 19 b989850 yes
Foyer Süd 1. OG1,767 yes
Foyer Stadthalle (West) 1. OG2,422 yes
Room 2618714590102 yes
Room 27197145100102 yes
Room 2819818410096 yes
Foyer Süd 2. OG156 yes
Bistro14540 yes
Foyer Ost EG1,500 yes
Raum LMR754600410488 no
Raum L217224120124 no
Raum M320332200200 no
Raum R217224120124 no
VIP-Apartment Ost70 yes
Backstage125 no
Foyer Ost 1. OG950 yes
Theatre styleBanquet styleCocktail receptionClassroom style

Loc­a­tion Fea­tures

  • Accessible
  • Free WIFI
  • Conference technology
  • Air conditioning
  • Car passable
  • Terrace
  • Hybrid events
  • Parking spaces: 20,000
  • Total exhibition area: 11,000 m²

Ad­di­tion­al In­form­a­tion

- Green Globe certified
- Inhouse technical service
- State-of-the-art technical equipment
- 360° service


  • 3.0 km to Airport
  • 5.0 km to Central station
  • 4.0 km to City center