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EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf is a place where ideas are conceived and tested for their success. The use of intelligent architecture, regenerative energy sources and systematic networking of state-of-the-art technology will create a place of the future, which meets the German Federal Government’s climate protection targets for 2045 - from day one.

The “EUREF-Dome”
Günther Jauch made it famous: in 2011 he started his Polittalk in the dome and broadcast from the EUREF Campus Berlin.
In 2006, the dome was designed on the occasion of the World Cup and its shape was inspired by the Reichstag. Up to 600 people can be seated under the “EUREF-Dome”. In the past years, people met in the Gasometer in Berlin for film premieres, party conferences, UN conferences and much more. Now the dome will be moved to the EUREF-Campus in Düsseldorf and will be available for exciting events from 2024.

  • Number of event rooms: 8
  • Number of persons in the largest room in row seating: 600
  • Distance to city center: 10.0 km
euref_euref-dome_1, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
20230331-aussenbilder_vorfahrt-zum-campus, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
20230331-aussenbilder_strassenblick, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
konferenzbereich_suedliche-konferenzraum, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
konferenzbereich_seitliches-foyer, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
20230323-konferenzbereichtreppe, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
20230326-see_ostfassade-terasse, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf
20230331-nachtluftbild, © Copypright/EUREF Campus Düsseldorf

Ca­pa­cit­ies of the event rooms

Name of the roomSeating variationsDaylight
Theatre styleBanquet styleCocktail receptionParliament
"EUREF" Dome874600360400300 yes
Foyer EG Catering Area1,000600 yes
Foyer 1. OG179150 yes
Workshop 11309012040 yes
Workshop 2104729540 yes
Workshop 1 + 223415021570 yes
Workshop 398639032 yes
Workshop 488638032 yes
Workshop 3 + 418713017072 yes
Workshop 516413515052 yes
Workshop 685728032 yes
Workshop 5 + 624920023070 yes
Workshop 715112014056 yes
Theatre styleBanquet styleCocktail receptionClassroom style

Loc­a­tion Fea­tures

  • Accessible
  • Conference technology
  • Air conditioning
  • Terrace
  • Hybrid events
  • Parking spaces: 500
  • Total exhibition area: 1,000 m²

Ad­di­tion­al In­form­a­tion

> Evening restaurant "Poletto" (775 m²) with indoor area (356 m²) and terrace (419 m²)
> Cooking school "Poletto" (101 m²)
> Restaurant "Cantinetta" (741 m²) with terrace (967 m²)

Loc­a­tion & Ac­cess­ib­il­ity

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Plan route
  • 2.0 km to Airport
  • 10.0 km to Central station
  • 10.0 km to City center
  • 7.0 km to Congress Center Düsseldorf/Messe Düsseldorf