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Saitta enjoys cult status in Düsseldorf. Several restaurants to suit every mood, occasion and budget, and owned by a family of Italian gourmets, attract guests to Oberkassel on the western bank of the Rhine. Salumeria Saitta is the oldest no-seating Italian restaurant in the city. Although, on the face of it, that doesn’t conjure up a picture gourmet cuisine, the antipasti, salads, pasta and dulce that appear on the plates are definitely addictive. The same goes for the food at the exclusive Piazza Saitta restaurant on Barbarossaplatz, and the cosy Osteria Saitta. The fact that the family also offers full-service catering inclusive of equipment and staff, is a godsend for Saitta fans, as they don’t have to forgo their beloved spaghetti amatriciana at private parties and corporate events.


Main course, © Saitta Locanda del Conte GmbH
Dessert, © Saitta Locanda del Conte GmbH