Cluster competence Health Marketing

September 28, 2022

According to the former head of Düsseldorf’s Health Department, Prof. Dr. Meyer-Falcke, Düsseldorf is able to treat virtually every condition to a high standard.
This claim is backed up by hard facts: 15 large interdisciplinary hospitals and over 3,000 registered doctors in the city area alone ensure an extraordinarily robust medical infrastructure.
Cutting-edge medicine is also exceptionally well-represented in Düsseldorf: plastic surgery, orthopaedics, oncology and diabetology are just a few of the disciplines in which Düsseldorf enjoys an outstanding reputation throughout the world.

This reputation and the medical infrastructure are the basis for the acquisition of medical conventions in the state capital.
As Head of Health Marketing with Düsseldorf Convention, Dimitri Belov is responsible for increasing the number of medical conventions, conferences and events.
Düsseldorf Convention acts here as the official port of call and one-stop shop for all medical event planners. It helps build partnerships with the health sector, handles business development, and deals with incoming enquiries.
All with the aim of strengthening Düsseldorf as a conference destination.


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