Congress business: 7 shareholder meetings in booking calender of Düsseldorf

May 15, 2023

In 2021 and 2022 the Congress Center Düsseldorf was part of the most requested meeting locations for general meetings in Germany*. In 2023, the trend continues: in the first half of 2023 alone, seven shareholder meetings took place in Düsseldorf, face-to-face as well as virtual general meetings.

In contrast to nationwide trend of general meetings taking place virtually, most of the meetings in the CCD were organized face-to-face.


Shareholder meetings demand a precise preparation and professional execution

The execution follows strict legal restrictions, which influence the choice of the location. "Planning and executing an general meeting is a challenging and complexe task, because of all the legal framework. The smallest error can cause a suit. A precise preparation and professional execution is mandatory for our clients", knows Liza Quick, head of project management at Düsseldorf Congress.

Every stock company in Germany needs to invite all shareholders for a general meeting at least once a year. The meeting is held by the management board of the company and informs shareholders about current trends and the latest developments.

"I am proud, that so many clients trust us for so many years for executing a legally secured general meeting as a reliable partner", says Maria Kofidou, CEO of Düsseldorf Congress.

Exciting stagings, glamorous sets and extraordinary light desin - essential for other event types, but less important for general meetings. If an external location is chosen for hosting the meeting, locations need to provide technology, lighting and security from one provider - an expertise, which Düsseldorf Congress is know for for decades.


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Photo: Düsseldorf Congress GmbH / Heike Herbertz