Latest trend: OSKAR's Live Perfumery

June 21, 2022

The development of a fragrance is a complex task. 
Many participants of OSKAR's Live Perfumery may experience this first hand.

Whether as a gift for your loved ones or as a team building event for companies:

You will learn how perfumers work and ger an exclusive insight into the hidden worlds of fragrances and flavors. As an unforgettable gift, everyone has the chance to develop their own personal perfume.
In order to build your own perfume, a variety of fragrance oils are neatly arranged, through which you can diligently sniff your way through and let you perceive the individual aromas quite uniquely. It is particularly interesting to discover that almost every fragrance evokes associations: to certain experiences, people or places, which is why "Live Perfumery" by Jonas van Blanken takes you on a little journey through the past and sometimes almost forgotten memories. 
After a long time of trying, you realize how the unique combinations of different aromas ultimately makes the perfect fragrance for you. 
At the end of the Perfumery, everyone holds their well-deserved, self-created eau de parfum and their own story in their hands.