Medical Testing Solutions supports events on the way "back to normal"

April 19, 2021

Düsseldorf Convention has joined forces with a new partner – Medical Testing Solutions – which has been working since the onset of the pandemic to find approaches that allow direct personal interaction to continue.
Because even though demand for online events is on the rise, it also remains uninterrupted for face-to-face meetings and events.
Deploying its medical expertise, Medical-TS offers customised solutions and professional consultancy for organisations in the area of Covid-19 management. The implementation of rapid testing and PCR tests as part of an effective testing strategy is in planning and has already been implemented to some extent.

Medical-TS offers a professional safety and hygiene concept for events – for numbers starting from 15 participants, whereby an established hygiene concept is bolstered by the latest Covid-19 rapid testing before the start of an event.
The tests are exceptionally sensitive, offering reliable results. The rapid testing is carried out in a simple way for the event organiser, on-site at the conference hotel or event venue in compliance with all special safety precautions.
Specially trained personnel professionally carry out the test – one of those recommended by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) as an accepted antigen test – on every event participant.

As a rule testing, inclusive of getting the results, takes no longer than 15 minutes per person. If participants test positive, they are immediately informed and isolated so that all participants who test negative can attend the event without concern. In this way you create the greatest sense of safety for your planned event, allowing you to return step by step to economic, cultural and social normality.

Medical-TS is an important building-block in the structure of vaccination, testing and “AHACL” rules (social distancing, hygiene, masks, ventilation and Covid-19 tracking app). Back to normal.