Oceandiva announces the arrival of its award-winning ship "Oceandiva Nova" in the EU

February 19, 2024

Oceandiva, a pioneer in sustainable floating venues, enthusiastically announces the arrival of its award-winning ship "Oceandiva Nova" in the EU. This strategic decision was made after significant challenges within the British regulatory framework. Despite obtaining the prestigious Green Award’s Platinum Label, the combination of regulatory obstacles and infrastructural deficiencies posed an insurmountable barrier.

Faced with these unforeseen challenges in London, Oceandiva consciously chose the positive momentum of the European Union. This region is known for fostering innovation and provides a fertile ground for sustainable development.

"We had the ambition to effect a transformation in the London event scene through our sustainable commitment with "Oceandiva Nova". However, the city's reluctance to adapt its infrastructure and regulations led us to this decision. This is not an end for Oceandiva, but a conscious decision for a fresh start in cities that embrace innovation and sustainability. The introduction of "Oceandiva Nova" to the EU offers our clients the opportunity to be at the forefront of the transition to sustainability," said Edwin Petersen, CEO of the Oceandiva Group.

The introduction of the "Oceandiva Nova" to the European Union not only marks a new direction for Oceandiva but also invites cities to join a movement towards sustainability and innovation. Oceandiva looks forward to forging strong partnerships with cities that value sustainability as much as they do and are ready to support groundbreaking initiatives.

Oceandiva invites everyone to celebrate this exciting new phase and discover the unique opportunities offered by the award-winning ship "Oceandiva Nova." By collaborating with partners and clients who also share a passion for sustainability, Oceandiva is taking collective steps towards a future where events are not only unforgettable but also have a positive impact on our world.