QOMO Restaurant & Bar | Rheinturm Düsseldorf

May 2, 2019

Let's QOMO together

The Düsseldorf Rhine Tower belongs to the CENTRO Group since 2016. However, there is a problem with restaurants in exposed locations: They are always being watched. By guests, critics and experts.

No problem: Everything has been different since autumn 2018. Following extensive renovations, we have opened the QOMO restaurant and bar. 172 meters above the Rhine, the winds of change are blowing through Düsseldorf's gastronomic scene. Japanese-European fusion cuisine is the magic term that gives a completely new type of scent to the city with the greatest density of Asian restaurants in Germany.

What has long been on the agenda for international mega-cities such as London, Tokyo and Dubai, now also belongs to Rheintowers speciality of great taste.

A lifestyle, detached from conventional traditions. It becomes surprising, when Sushi suddenly achieves a completely new appearance with fine sauces and noble decorations, which adds a visual and tasteful highlight to the meal.

Even the lamb, arranged on gigantic leaves, or the Wagyu beef with sweet teriyaki sauce and crunchy vegetable garnish — Master Chef Masanori Ito is really a master of his craft. The accompanying wines are the perfect match and – for those who wish – the Japanese sake. Exceptional desserts emerge as the perfect conclusion: The note of green tea has a mousse-like and creamy consistency as well as being wonderfully tart in flavour.

The cocktails are the crown of the meal – no matter whether as an aperitif or a sundowner  –  meeting the highest standards in the QOMO bar, in the truest sense of the word. Authentic Japanese influences also come into contact with the best drinks in Europe. The mixologist responsible for this is Claus Liebscher, who ensures that the stars will shine over Düsseldorf.

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