Review of the 6th MICE Forum Düsseldorf

June 21, 2022

The 6th MICE Forum took place on May 18, 2022 on the 18th floor of the
Vodafone Campus.

90 partners from Düsseldorf Convention’s constantly expanding network enjoyed a “real” reunion, “live and in colour”, along with tasty catering and a breathtaking view across the whole of Düsseldorf.

The MICE Forum featured interesting talks on many different subjects:

 > our colleagues from Düsseldorf Marketing presented the results of a partner survey conducted in April
 > Mr. Ihsen provided a review and an outlook of the Convention Bureau’s activities
> Mr. Schultze from the German Convention Bureau e.V. informed participants about “Business Events in the Post-Covid Era / Trend Scenarios and Potential for Destinations”.

We extend many thanks to our host, Vodafone, and our event partners, RENT4EVENT GmbH and Saitta Catering.