September 28, 2021

The Super7000 in Düsseldorf Derendorf is a 7,000 qm place for something really new. Coworkers, foodies, marketers, techies, nerds and makers meet musicians and event organisers.
Start-ups find the creative and open environment they need to turn ideas
into reality. Corporates, employees and students looking for just that are equally welcome.

The heart of Super7000 sits in the front building on now over 1,000 sqm with over 30 workstations in the Open Spaces plus team offices, phone boxes, meeting rooms, swing, ball pool, and the legendary event space "on real artificial turf" for workshops, meetups & co.

In our potato hall with over 500 sqm, between graffiti and the clubs on the premises, events for 199 and more people are no problem. From pure space rental without anything to full service, we make it possible.

We are also home to GarageLab Düsseldorf, the largest makerspace
in the region, which now has over 250 members.