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Attention chocolate fans! At MyChocolate, working is fun. You slip into the role of the chocolatier and design your own bar of chocolate. Dip delicious toppings into liquid chocolate. While your unique piece cools down, you will learn many secrets from the world of chocolate.

> Create your own chocolate bar
> Chocolate ABC with exquisite tastings
> Chocolatier certificate

Chocolate fans can learn about the origin of cocoa and its processing during a visit to the Creative Chocolate Workshop. They slip into the role of the Maitre Chocolatier and make a bar of chocolate themselves under professional guidance. The participants of the workshop choose from delicious and colourful ingredients and design their individual creation in liquid chocolate. Afterwards, the precious unique piece is refrigerated and can be taken home.

The workshop includes:

> Theoretical part incl. tasting
> ABC of chocolate, from the production of the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate bar
> Making your own chocolate bar
> Taking home the made bar and a workshop certificate

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