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We create your training plan individually and according to your goals.
We adapt to your daily routine and calendar in terms of time.
Spatially flexible, we train with you at the Athletenschmiede (Areal Böhler) or at the me & all Hotel Oberkassel.

And afterwards?
Treat yourself and your body to a short break for faster regeneration:

Let one of our therapists pamper you with a feel-good massage.
Enjoy a systemic pressure wave massage with SLIMYONIK® to stimulate metabolism and circulation.
Or even dare to go into the cold for 2-4 minutes: electric whole-body cold chamber at up to -85°C.

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Personal Training, © Copyright/Die Athletenschmiede
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Personal Training, © Copyright/Die Athletenschmiede
Personal Training, © Copyright/Die Athletenschmiede

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