Having an espresso with Johannes Molderings from lemonpie event catering

May 6, 2024

You are a caterer in various locations. What, in your opinion, sets Düsseldorf apart from other event destinations?


In essence, there are no major culinary differences – but Düsseldorf is the capital city, and through our collaboration with the State Chancellery and the many beautiful museums, we appeal to a very distinct, highly demanding clientele typical of Düsseldorf.


What role does catering play in a successful event?


A completely emotional one! Food and service are always talked about, while professional technology and smooth execution are almost taken for granted. Every food concept is the alpha and omega and the icing on the cake at the same time. 


How do you respond to the specific needs and requirements of your clients to offer tailored event solutions?


The basis is attentive listening and understanding, followed by close, personal agreements – only then does a perfect concept emerge. It's always crucial to be able to empathize with the customer and grasp their desires ... and then, of course, to virtuously implement them. 


Which of your awards are you most proud of?


We are equally proud of all accolades! Each award validates our hard work and continually motivates us anew … With changing demands, we continuously receive new input and can evolve.


To what extent does lemonpie emphasize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in organizing events?


Since 2014, we have proudly held the "Sustainable Company" award from the Federal Association of the Event Industry fwd:. Sustainability at lemonpie is not an optional extra, but a characteristic of all our processes and structures. As a successful medium-sized family business, we transparently demonstrate the importance of economic, ecological, and social sustainability aspects within the company and how we integrate and implement them into our daily workflow. We have a code of conduct based on these three pillars, developed jointly with our employees based on their value systems and beliefs.

Next Step: We are on our way to DIN ISO 20121!